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Power Tools
This range of Power Tools has extensive applications in drilling and chiseling jobs. Based on their design, these require 1800w power input. Air flow delivery of these instruments involves three different stages.

Fischer Product
Provided range of Fischer Products is acknowledged for its optimum strength and long lasting quality. Offered items have been quality approved for their optimum durability, high output and utilization of standard grade raw materials.
Staplers And Staples
This array of Staplers And Staples is known for its precise shape, ease of handling and stable operation. Steel or aluminium oxide based body of these products is totally rust proof and wear protected.

Industrial Tape

Industrial Tapes have extensive usage in packaging industry where these are needed to pack cartons. Developed from Eco-friendly materials, these products can be accessed with single sided or double sided adhesive based option.
Pneumatic and Hydraulic Products

This range of Pneumatic and Hydraulic Products is appreciated for its ergonomic look, high efficiency and standard diameter. Developed from finest grade metal, these items can be accessed in different specifications to suit exact application needs.
Pneumatic Products
This range of Pneumatic Products is reckoned for its standard safety attributes, high strength and high output. Parameters of such products can be adjusted easily. Semi automatic operation, standard operating pressure and temperature are their main features.
Abrasives Belt
This range of Abrasives Belts is acknowledged for its high performance and excellent wear resistant properties. These are totally protected against water, moisture and high temperature. These are  needed for deburring, grinding and polishing jobs.
Hammer Drill
This range of Hammer Drills is acknowledged for its high performance and high precision level. Operating speed of these instruments can be adjusted as per application needs. These shock proof instruments have long working life.

Grinder Machine

This range of Grinder Machines deserves praise for its high production rate, energy efficient operation and ergonomic look. Light in weight, these can be availed in different specifications to suit exact application needs.
Saw Machine

This collection of Saw Machines is appreciated for its ergonomic look, error free operation and long working life. Diameter of their cutting blade is 216 mm. Low noise and vibration is one of their key features.
Industrial Adhesive
This array of Industrial Adhesives is reckoned for its standard quality. Good bonding attributes, integrity with different surfaces, non toxic content and Eco-friendly quality are the unique features of these products.
Industrial Cutter
Industrial Cutters are used for performing several cutting applications. These are the safe and easy solutions for cutting assorted industrial applications. Offered are suited for the applications of mining, oil, rigging, & gas and marine surrounds.
Air Cylinders
Air cylinders are suited for their speedy cycling rate. These offer efficient operation and allow for precise applications. Supplied are the mechanical devices, which utilize the power to make force in the responding linear motion.

Directional Control Valves

Directional control valves are functional as the most fundamental parts of the hydraulic as well as pneumatic systems. These enable the fluid flow in assorted applications. They are the durable valves of high functionality and energy-efficient use.